Our Team

Kelly Frost


Kelly, born and raised in Washington state, got sober in 2011 and began working in the addiction field in 2012. He attended Western Washington University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services, as well as a counsellor certification in Substance Use Disorders. He is currently enrolled in a master’s program pursuing a Mental Health counsellor license. 

Kelly is intimately familiar with traditional 12-Step treatment models. He has many years of formal counselling experience, administering assessments, and facilitating group therapy. Kelly has particular interests in cognitive therapy, eastern psychology, and neuroscience. 

Kelly has compassion and care for others and understands the difficulties and fear that surround the choice to enter treatment. As U.S. liaison, his commitment is to make the transition into treatment as easy and painless as possible, while offering unconditional support and guidance to our clients as they are in treatment in order to ensure their success in recovery. 

Kari Harmon

Art Instructor

Kari, originally from the USA, has lived abroad most of her life, going back and forth from the States to various countries overseas. She has lived and worked in Thailand, Kenya, Togo, Namibia, Vietnam, and Japan. Kari has 8 years’ experience as an ESL teacher in Thailand and Japan, as well as with international students in the USA.

Kari received her Studio Art Degree from Sam Houston State University, Texas. After returning to Thailand, Kari worked as the Artist for a Thai biblical book translation company, creating the artwork for a Thai book series. Going forward, Kari is enthusiastic about teaching clients how to use art in a therapeutic, mindful approach, that will positively complement their recovery.

Kari has a huge passion for both art and teaching. As the Art Instructor, Kari will be focusing on how to use art to express feelings and emotions, how to use art as a grounding technique, and how to use art as a form of relaxation. Kari will introduce and teach various art practices, and how they can be used following treatment as a form of art mindfulness. Kari is excited to get to know clients through a therapeutic art standpoint and she is enthusiastic about using therapeutic artwork as a stress-relief mechanism to aid clients in their recovery process.

Ron Harmon

International Operations Manager

Ron is a proud Texan, who has been living in and out of Thailand for a large portion of his life. Ron has lived in Thailand for a total of 13 years, having just moved back last year.

Ron attended the University of North Texas, where he got his BS and his MS in Accounting. Since then, he has had a considerable amount of professional experience in both finance and operations.

Ron has worked in accounting in the US, Hong Kong, Kenya as well as in Thailand. While living in Kenya, Ron was the Chief Financial Officer for a conference centre, where he was working in a position that he really adored – one where he really felt as though he had found his dream job. After having to leave Kenya, Ron found his second dream job here at One Rehab, Thailand, giving him a second chance to aid in the running of a facility, in a culture in which he feels more connected with.

Ron is a man of many interests. He had consequently begun working on his masters in counselling, and would love to continue his studies in the near future in order to possibly pursue his interest in working with clients with mental health problems and addiction. Ron is highly interested in mental health, and is excited to work in a client-centered treatment environment.

After having had a personal experience with mental health problems himself, Ron is excited to get the chance to provide a truly enjoyable treatment service for clients who are coming in with a desire to work towards self-healing. Even though he is not on the front line, he is excited to be a part of the team and to be able to interact with clients when the opportunity arises.

Ron is looking forward to providing clients with an enjoyable, stress-free stay through ensuring the smooth running of the facility, staff, and logistics.

Jerrick Marcus Young (Rick)

Night Manager

Jerrick is an internationally-travelled Thai national. After having completed part of his secondary education in The United States, Jerrick returned to Thailand to complete his degree in Political Science at Sukhothai Thammatirat University.

Jerrick is a former Royal Thai Army Officer, with 4 years of honorary service in the 1st Special Forces and in the Psychological Battalion SWC. Following his honorable discharge, he then began working as a Deputy Director of Investigations for the International Justice Mission on anti-human trafficking. Jerrick has already worked as a Night Support Manager at The Cabin in Chiang Mai, where he has night support role experience, ensuring the safety of the facilities and clients.

Jerrick has a wealth of experience in security and in support management, and he is highly dedicated to being a major support personnel in clients’ safety and recovery.

Chitrapol Salapan (Khun)

Support Worker

Khun is an outgoing team player, with personal as well as professional experience in addictions. Being a previous Support Worker at The Cabin, Chiang Mai, Khun is highly competent and motivated to continue in a support role.

Originally from Chiang Mai, Khun spent his youth living in India studying English, and following his education, he continued to work with foreigners for the majority of his professional career. Starting in flight operations, he then moved on to manage a seeding company. Coming from a recovery background himself, Khun offers a firm yet compassionate nature of support to clients.

Khun is a great asset to the support team. With a passion for recovery of addiction, he is extremely driven in his position where he encourages and supportively aids clients in their recovery.

Rattikan Singharaj (Nhoi)

Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer

One Rehab’s Co-Owner and COO, Nhoi, is a Thai National, native to Chiang Mai. Her professional work history has provided her with extensive health and marketing experience, making her an ideal Chief Operations Officer.

Nhoi obtained her Degree in Nursing from Chiang Mai University, where she then went on to practice as an RN in Chiang Mai. Nhoi began to practice nursing in Suanprung Psychiatric Hospital, where she spent 2 years gaining insightful mental health and addiction knowledge. She then continued to practice for 7 years in private hospitals in Northern Thailand.

Nhoi is top-ranking entrepreneur, with prior ownership titles for various companies. She’s run companies surrounding Cosmetics and Beauty, as well as a Youth Development organization that focused on providing holistic EQ programs for youth.

Nhoi’s more recent professional background lies in Pharmaceutical Marketing, where she worked for approximately 15 years as a key account specialist, representing various pharmaceutical brands, and promoting and selling pharmaceuticals to hospitals in the north. Her background in pharmaceuticals has provided her with in-depth knowledge on various medications used in cases of mental health and addictions, and has consequently contributed to both, her passion in mental health and addiction treatment as well as in her involvement as a core contributor to One Rehab.

Natlita Bhattarinyachon (Cream)

Co-Owner and Chief Finance Officer

From Lamphun, Thailand, Cream also holds the title of Co-Owner and CFO of One Rehab. Cream studied at Chiang Mai University, where she received both her BA and MA in Economics.

Cream began her career working as a hotel travel agent, organizing and taking travel bookings for luxury tours. Cream then moved on to become a Finance Consultant in various top-leading companies in Thailand, as well as overseas.

Cream has previously been appointment as a Coordinator and CFO for various companies in the past, where she was able to used her extensive knowledge in Economics and finance to the companies’ advantage. Cream’s professional experience lies in financial planning, ongoing business planning, and organizing business details.

Cream has personal interest in the field of mental health and recovery, and she is very enthusiastic to be a part of the creation and smooth operating of One Rehab.

Boodsaranarumit Santivich (Sara)

Operations Manager

Sara is a Thai national with excellent English communication skills, with a passion for the English language. In fact, Sara graduated from Chiang Mai University with a BA in English and a minor in Accounting. Sara did her internship in sales marketing and administration, and went on to continue in this field, working as an Executive Secretary and an Operations Officer.

Sara’s abilities and experience in administration and operations is extensive. She has 5 years’ experience in an operations role with various companies, where she would coordinate internally and externally of the operations department in order to ensure proper work flow functioning, coordinate with various international suppliers and customers, as well as handle all administrative and operational tasks to satisfy customer requirements. Sara also has a great amount of experience working with international customers, through her previous role as Operations Officer for a Cruise Line at NAXCO. Here, Sara was responsible for effectively corresponding with various cruise agencies, planning and managing client transfers and accommodation for those on board, as well as preparing all formal paperwork for crew including visas, contracts and medical treatment forms.

Sara’s lengthy experience in operations and in working with foreigners has provided her with incredible communication and operational skills to effectively provide the best facility services for our clients.

Pongpat Poocharoen (Palm)

Support Worker

Palm is a Thai National who speaks fluent English, and has over 10 years’ experience in being a medical instruments manager.

Palm is highly likeable, empathetic and has a calm and caring approach. He is confident, persuasive and a team builder. Palm is able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional client performance.

Palm is very well-versed in the 12-Step program, and is passionate about recovery and aiding clients to achieve long term recovery and a steady path out of addiction. He is a global person who is always willing to give back and share his experience of addiction in his goal to aid others with their personal problems of addiction.


Suchada Smith (Mong)


Mong began her nursing studies at Lampang Nursing College and received her Bachelor’s Degree in public Health, from Mahidol University in Bangkok. She continued to pursue her Master’s Degree in Public Health from Chiang Mai University. Mong has over 23 years of nursing experience, working in the public health sector as well as in health education.

Mong participated in the Amphetamine Detoxification Program through the Thai Ministry of Health, where she worked with youth and adults in a government-run drug treatment program. She performed standard physical assessments and vitals, conducted urine sample tests among clients, conducted daily drug and health education, and supported clients throughout their journey to recovery.

Mong has 6 years’ experience working for Child’s Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization, where she conducted medical field outreach and medical field training in Myanmar. Mong took on various outreach opportunities here, such as: Malaria Control, Immunization, Vitamin A and Deworming, Health Village Worker, and the Children Medical Fund Program. She would work with locals, training them on vaccine and antiviral medication administration. Mong simultaneously took part in the School Health field outreach program in Laos and Cambodia, where she was responsible for data collection, and conducting school health education among teachers and students.

Mong continued on to join the District Health Centre, where she worked with many rural communities in health centres across Uttaradit province. She provided exceptional basic health care services to families, including the administration of vaccines, and treatment of minor diseases.

Mong is passionate about helping people overcome powerless barriers, and she is excited to get the opportunity to work one on one with clients, to be a key part of their medical recovery, and to see their progress in achieving a successful recovery.